Cancer is one of those things you never want to think about unless you absolutely have to. That said, by approaching life using a few simple anti cancer hacks, you’ll be favourably reducing the odds you’ll ever have to. Although there are many ways to impact the chance of getting cancer, here are 5 effective and simple hacks that greatly reduce your risk for good. 


Get outside into nature 


Regardless of whether you live pristine by following every rule of an absolute healthy lifestyle, or continue to do everything against living healthy and prospering, spending time in nature independently reduces your chance of cancer. Science continues to prove that people who spend time in nature have stronger immune systems, less stress, are less sedentary, and generally live a more well balanced life; all single factors directly linked to cancer reduction. So whether your thing is fishing, hiking, exploring, or simply sitting under a tree, the evidence continues to mount that having regular connections to nature is key. 




Obesity, chronic inflammation, diabetes and cardiovascular disease (to name a few) are all conditions that predictively preced or propagate the presence and growth of cancer. Moving your body is one of the most effective ways to counter the ill effects and risks of these conditions. Moving to some may mean intense, vigorous exercise, yet for others, moving encompasses a brisk walk, regular stretching, or simply getting up in order to fight a sedentary lifestyle. There are some specifics when it comes to movement and its anti cancer impacts, however research supports the highly useful benefits of staying active to reduce your lifetime risk of cancer. 


Eat until you’re 80% full


Healthy eating is one major contributor to longevity and health, and those who avoid chronic disease and live the longest all share a healthy approach to diet. One of the common threads present amongst the healthiest of people is the dietary approach to only eating until being no more than 80% full. Cancer thrives on obesity, blood sugar irregularities, and the absence of the fasting state. By eating less, and less often, you’re not only starving the opportunity for cancer to grow and thrive, you’re feeding your body (healthy nutrition I hope!) and providing your digestive system a chance to rest, recover and repair; all leading factors directly reducing your risk of cancer.


Calm your mind


This recommended hack sounds ‘out there’ or nonsensical, however science repeatedly shows that elevated stress hormones wreak havoc on your health. Despite there being a lack of research proving the direct connection between stress and cancer, it is well accepted that stress can increase your cancer risk. Stress hormones have the ability to create what is known as long term inflammation, which is a risk factor often present prior to a cancer diagnosis, as well as a necessary fuel in order for cancer to grow. 


Treat cancer before it exists 


Despite living the healthiest of lifestyles, I still have many patients come to me who are in disbelief of being ‘the one’ diagnosed with cancer. Cancer is such a multifactorial disease, wherein hundred of potential factors combine to create the perfect opportunity for cancer growth. Despite the impossibility of being able to fully predict or control all cancer growth influences, treating yourself as though you already have cancer is a simple, realistic, and effective way to greatly reduce your risk. Seek out a cancer focused naturopathic or integrative doctor who can help you determine which cancers you may be most at risk for, then provide your body therapeutic nutrients and compounds that have been shown to otherwise provide direct anti cancer potential (under medical supervision and guidance of course). Cancer often begins to grow decades before it becomes clinically evident, so by providing natural anti cancer supports, you’re not only cutting your risk long before it’s too late, but you’re providing your health with many safe and health promoting choices.


Dr Jeremy Hayman, ND is a cancer focused naturopathic doctor and helps patients at Cornerstone Naturopathic Inc. feel better, live better, and achieve optimal wellness and health. Years of patient care coupled with dedication to personal life balance has helped Dr Jeremy employ the adage that “your approach to health should be simple”.