In order to truly heal, one must recognize that self-healing is an ongoing process. The Self-Healing Package includes your initial Root Cause Session, with the addition of three additional Self-Healing Sessions, for a total of four complete sessions.

Each Self-Healing Session will span 1 1/2 hours (+/-) as needed, where a deep dive into your unique and specific psycho-emotional trauma (discovered during your Root Cause Session) will take place. During each session, you will learn how to understand your root cause trauma at its deepest level, as well as participate in taking hold of your personal self-healing journey; as in order to heal your root cause trauma, one must take an active role into how to both bring resolution to your past and apply your true understanding of your trauma to that of your present life moving forward.

During each progressive visit, specific next steps, individual tools, and self-healing processes will all become clear.

The outcome of these complete and potent sessions is to specifically guide you from root cause trauma through to your realization of your full and unique self-healing journey.

The Root Cause of Cancer



If left to its own potential, optimal health should be nothing less than ideal.

That said, over the course of a lifetime, a multitude of impacts can affect and influence ones wellness in the direction of either elevated health or dis-ease.

Physical effects such as diet, water, environment, sleep, movement, exercise, and lifestyle will either create or stunt health.

It’s also fairly acknowledged that both mental and emotional wellbeing can also greatly guide overall health.

Although physical, mental, and emotional state are very potent aspects of overall health, when it comes to the root cause of both disease and cancer, they do not provide the curative effect within prevention, causation, intervention, or outcome.



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