I believe that in the last decade your health has been overcomplicated, overburdened and probably stressing you out. I believe that your health doesn’t need to be filled with taking a million different supplements, or eating the perfect diet. There is a middle ground that isn’t talked about… but is lived. 

Join me in living a life that is healthy every day, to falling off the wagon, getting back on, and feeling supported at home and at work.

To putting simple first. 

Is Individualized Medicine Right For You?


We understand that cancer is a scary word, but it’s not simply a disease of isolation. We work with your oncology team to support your needs throughout your cancer diagnosis, treatment and remission by focusing on your lifestyle, environment, genetic background, nutrition and spirit. We support you, so that your body stays as strong as possible for you to live a life you want. 


Living a life where you feel great 90% of the time and you have the energy to do what you want. It’s about no longer putting your needs at the bottom of the list. You want check-ins to make sure you’re living your best possible life, without feeling the stress of adding another thing to the list. You’re ready for REAL support, not just hearing that  your “bloodwork is normal”


When your family is healthy, you are healthy. We know that to talk the talk you really need to be able to walk the walk. That’s why we don’t just focus on you, we focus on your kids and your partner. Whether it be supporting you through cold and flu season, helping you get over that lingering cold or getting your kid sleeping through the night, we know that good health truly is a family affair.

“We all live individual and unique lives, yet we collectively share an innate drive to fulfill our own personal dreams and goals. When health and happiness become a challenge, it’s my role to help you preserve and return to balance. This is where keeping your approach to health with simplicity is key.”

Dr. Jeremy Hayman

Ready To Simplify Your Health? 

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