Dr. Hayman, ND treats a full array of health concerns and conditions however maintains a primary practice focus on cancer. Additional focuses include immunity, stress and mental health. Dr. Hayman’s complimentary integration of natural medical approaches with evidence-based traditional medicine, as well as conventional diagnostics, forms the foundation of his comprehensive medical practice, encompassing both primary and adjunctive care.

Therapeutic priority involves the removal of obstacles to health in order to facilitate the body’s inherent self healing process. To achieve this end, Dr. Hayman employs multiple therapy modalities such as botanical medicine, homeopathy, physical and asian medicine, acupuncture, clinical nutrition, intervenous and injection therapies, in addition to lifestyle management and counselling. It’s botanical and nutritional medicine, however, that hold a particular appeal within his scope of practice, as Dr. Hayman realized early on that true health and healing can only be achieved utilizing pure unadulterated food and medicine provided by nature.

“Approaching medicine and health can be a complex endeavour, however individual wellness often follows a logical and simple sequence. Thus, managing, treating and working with a patient is always best considered from a basic and holistic perspective. This is successfully accomplished by working from a “ground up” and “inside out” health approach, thereby utilizing fundamental and natural care, primarily by integrating lifestyle, whole foods, herbal and nutritional medicine”.

Dr. Jeremy Hayman, ND stringently adheres to Ontario as well as Canadian naturopathic medical board regulated standards in order to diagnose, treat and provide management of general practice medicine, cancer, immune and mental health care. He offers a complete, integrative, and board regulated naturopathic medical practice within a modernly equipped, patient focused, relaxed clinical environment, in beautiful London Ontario, Canada.

Dr. Hayman’s leading mandate is to provide primary naturopathic health care with a foremost focus on cancer support, immunity and mental health. Complete respect and focus is taken to ensure patient centered care comes first, and that each individual treatment plan includes encouragement to actively participate in one’s own personal medical and health decisions.

Dr. Hayman, ND firmly practices using an integrated medical model. This means that while individual naturopathic care is foremost, integrative and adjunctive naturopathic medicine will always be considered and practiced. Thus, employment of conventional laboratory testing, diagnostics, and current conventional medicinal treatment will always be considered in combination with natural medical approaches and evidence-based traditional care.




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