Ok, as a Naturopathic Doctor, I’m all about keeping your approach to health simple. That being said, there are literally dozens of things that ultimately create and influence your current and future health. Regardless of such complexities, it’s my job to maneuver through the maze, and help pave the most straight forward path to better health. Although you and I need to be in this together, I’ll forge the map, as you engage in the efforts along the way. Amongst the tools, crossroads, obstacles and setbacks that can impact your wellness goals, let me talk to you about the single factor that will make or break your health. 


It’s all about the ’S’ word

Stress. There, that’s it. Beyond the most aggressive or hardest hitting disease, amongst the healthiest of the healthy, or for any of us in between, the impact that stress can have on your body, mind, and spirit, will either make or break your health. I know this sounds somewhat marginalized, extreme, or even too simple for some, however let me explain how stress, or shall I say your response to stress, will either support your health or promote disease.


Black or white, not grey

So let’s get something straight here, when it comes to health, there is no such thing as a grey area. What you do, say, eat, think or feel, will either promote health or encourage disease. There is no in between or neutral zone here, it’s either one way or the other. For some, this can create a sense of anxiety or stress, but rest assured that it’s not about stressing about every little thing you do, but more about recognizing that you are continually doing more for your health than for disease. And it’s stress that can directly help influence which way the results of your choices move. 


Gear up for impact

Stress is stress. It’s always going to be there. Environmental, emotional, family, financial and so on. But if or when the time in your life comes that you finally recognize the value of using your response to stress as a yardstick so to speak, only then will you understand that regardless of the stress present in your life, it’s about supporting and rejuvenating your self into the aftermath that ultimately makes the difference. You see, the impact of stress is liken to an amplifier of sorts; yes we can hear or feel the initial stress, but its impact can either be amped up or turned down depending on the resiliency of how well you respond to it, over both the short and long term within your life. 


Defend yourself

So, regardless of how well, or unwell you think respond to stress, if you’re at all interested in supporting your health now and into your future, you need to know what it will take to defend or cushion your self from the detriments stress will have on your health. As a naturopathic doctor, I’m in a profession which excels at understanding, recognizing, and supporting your body’s response to stress. Stress is a killer, it makes good things worse, and worse things worse. 


So are you ready to ex out the most aggressive detriments against your health? Even the healthiest of the healthy need to mitigate how ones self responds to stress. And if you’re dealing with any level of dis-stress or dis-ease, taking active steps toward treating the impacts of stress will only guide you down one single path, and in the direction toward better health.


Although Dr Jeremy has a primary clinical focus on integrative cancer care, he understands that it’s the totality of life, health and disease that dictates ones wellness. Regardless of the health issue, concern or otherwise, Dr Hayman creates effective strategies which support the fact that your approach to health should be simple.