Lung cancer is one of Canada’s most common types of cancers. It is also a form of cancer that can be largely avoided. Most people appreciate the link between tobacco smoke and lung cancer, however many have yet to be educated on the value of what naturopathic medicine can do for those who have already been diagnosed. As lung cancer is a very aggressive cancer, short and long term conventional treatment benefits aren’t always stacked ones favour. In order to improve the likelihood of reducing the aggressiveness of lung cancer, adjunctive cancer care treatments such as IV vitamin C is a contender proving its value.

What can IV vitamin C do for you? How does IV vitamin C work against lung cancer and is it safe? Loaded questions, yes, however expanding on its use and benefits can be answered with relative ease. 

Intravenous vitamin C (IV vitamin C, or IVC) is intravenously infusing vitamin C directly into the bloodstream, and at doses high enough to create oxidative impacts (opposite of its low dose value as a typical anti oxidant). IV infusion is regularly performed in lung cancer patients to primarily disturb and kill cancer cells. In terms of how this anti cancer benefit works, it’s important to appreciate that lung tissue is extremely susceptible to the negative effects of oxidation (common oxidation occurs from smoking, or breathing in unhealthy, toxic air for example). Once a person has been diagnosed with lung cancer, the conventional treatment approach is to provide chemo or radiotherapeutic treatments in order to basically oxidize and kill lung cancer cells. The difference between conventional cancer treatments (or oxidation from smoking) and IV vitamin C is that IV vitamin C doesn’t negatively impact (or kill) healthy, non cancerous cells. I’m certainly not encouraging lung cancer patients avoid conventional lung cancer treatment in place of an alternative or natural therapy of any kind. What I am trying to convey is that by combining both conventional and complimentary cancer care, patients may have an opportunity to gain a higher level of treatment success. This is an occurrence we see daily here at Cornerstone Naturopathic Inc. in those using IV vitamin C; patients getting better, stabilizing their lung cancer disease, and living longer and healthier because of it.

For those actively engaged in conventional lung cancer treatments, it has been clinically proven, over and over, that integrating IV vitamin C is a safe and effective choice. IV vitamin C has been shown to improve chemotherapy outcomes while simultaneously not interfering with its treatment effects. In addition to helping conventional treatments work better (chemotherapy and radiation to the lungs), IV vitamin C also improves recovery in patients between and following conventional lung cancer treatments. When it comes to IV vitamin C and its potential to improve many aspects of the lung cancer case, there are truly few, if any, drawbacks, and only positive outcomes to be had. Worst case scenario, lung cancer can continue to progress, however, even then, IV vitamin C has proven in research to slow its progress even more.