Have you been diagnosed with breast cancer? Are you currently investigating treatment options, are in the midst of treatment, or on the other side of cancer therapy? Regardless of where you’re at in terms of treatment, it’s a perfect time to learn about mistletoe. Mistletoe is the well loved greenery used during the Christmas season, but did you know that mistletoe is also a front-running cancer therapy? Mistletoe (also called Viscum album) is a well researched therapy that continues to be used in cancer hospitals throughout many European countries, and when it comes to a multi cancer therapy approach, mistletoe may be the answer you are looking for. 

I could talk on end about the benefits of mistletoe within general cancer care, however what’s important to learn is that mistletoe specifically shines within the realm of breast cancer care. Mistletoe is considered a semi parasitic plant, and contains distinct natural chemicals which have been shown to kill cancer cells and provide immune supportive properties. As a whole plant extract used to treat breast cancer, believe it or not, scientific research on mistletoe has actually slowed. This deceleration in research has nothing to do with lack of interest, but more so due to the fact that science has already so clearly validated its benefit. Whether it’s improving quality of life, reducing the size of a tumour, or stimulating the immune system to better target cancer, mistletoe continues to be used as a powerful adjunctive cancer care therapy. 

Although there are several ways to administer mistletoe, the most effective is either as a painless injection or an intravenous (IV) therapy. Most commonly, however, we opt for the simple injection method. By administering as an injection, mistletoe can easily be delivered by a trained naturopathic doctor or taught to a patient to be self administered at home. As far as benefits go, mistletoe has many; improving quality of life and well being, reducing fatigue (especially during radiation and chemotherapy), reducing nausea, improving appetite, lowering pain, improving mood, and enhancing overall breast cancer status. Mistletoe is a very valuable remedy for any stage of breast cancer (including support during chemotherapy and radiation), so is certainly worth your time to talk with a cancer focused naturopathic doctor about it today.