Breast cancer is the most common cancer among Canadian woman and is the second leading cause of cancer death in females. Despite breast cancer rates stabilizing over the past several years, it’s still estimated that 1 in 8 Canadian women will develop breast cancer during her lifetime. With the acceptance that conventional breast cancer care can improve outcomes, based on the stats, it’s obvious that it’s not impacting it enough. With advances in medicine happening almost daily, one would think overall breast cancer outcomes could be better. What has gained recognizability over the past decade however is a medical approach called integrative cancer care. Where standard medical conventional care may pose potential limits, integrative cancer care is continuing to leverage acceptance as having the opportunity to fill the gap.

Integrative Breast Cancer Care

When it comes to understanding the benefit of integrative cancer care and cancers of the breast, it’s important to appreciate how it works. Integrative (or combined) cancer care utilizes the best of both conventional and complimentary medical care. It recognizes that in isolation, a single form of medicine may not be the answer. But rather, a higher potential exists when combining approaches that can create an even better outcome for you as a breast cancer patient. By combining both conventional medicines (chemotherapy, radiation, or surgery) with complimentary (naturopathic) approaches, all validated by science, the synergistic effects can hugely amplify the final outcome. So what does this ultimately mean for you as a patient? Providing the ability to improve your breast cancer prognosis.

Benefits of Integrative Breast Cancer Care 

When it comes to integrative cancer care, there’s a shared appreciation of its short and long term breast cancer impact. The role of integrative cancer care at any point during your breast cancer journey, is to add treatment support to help improve the conventional approach. Whether it’s reducing side effects, supporting the treatments already being used, or simply assisting your overall health, integrative cancer care can play a significant role.

Conventional or Integrative?

The benefit of conventional breast cancer treatment holds great merit. However adding an integrative medical approach may boost your overall well being and treatment impact even more. When utilizing an integrative approach, there is a greater focus towards a deeper synergy of breast cancer treatment and support. When this type of medical approach is used, assurance can be built to create an even higher level of improvement in breast cancer outcomes and health. Integrative cancer care understands that a combined medical approach creates the best opportunity for patient care.


To ensure you’re getting the most out of your integrative treatment approach, always seek professional medical advice first. Cornerstone Naturopathic Inc. has expertly developed cancer treatment protocols to address a well rounded integrative approach.