Your body detects what you sometimes can not. Aches and pains, tiredness, gas, bloating, and other subtle symptoms are often the first signs that your health needs more attention now. By listening to your body and correcting what is going wrong is the most effective yet simplest approach to forging balance and long term health. 


Your body doesn’t lie. Like a cars warning lights on the dash, when your health has gone awry, it’s not long before the lights start to flash and your body tells you it needs attention now. Here are 6 subtle symptoms your body is telling you about your health:


You’re Always Tired

If you’re always tired or can’t seem sustain the energy needed to get through your day, it’s your body’s way of telling you it’s time to slow down. From adrenal stress to nutrient depletions, when you can’t seem to muster up the energy you want, either the body’s engine isn’t functioning properly or you’re not filling it with the proper gas. 


You’re Bloated 

Some foods cause bloating, and that’s ok. But if you find you’re always bloated no matter what you eat, it’s time for a tune up. Digestive function is the key to good health, so when you’re bloated, it’s your body telling you to address your diet, work on your digestive health, or both. 


You Can’t Sleep

If you’re experiencing regular sleeping issues, your body is giving you a clear hint that self care action needs to be taken. Stress is often a leading cause of interpreted sleep patterns, so if you just can’t seem to shut off your brain at night or you’re waking up throughout the night, it’s time to slow down and address what’s going on. 


You Get Regular Headaches 

Headaches are often seen as benign (or without cause or complication), but if you’re getting regular headaches, your body is telling you that there is clearly a cause. From stress, tight muscles and joints, to hormone imbalances to simple dehydration, if headaches are commonplace, this subtle symptom is one that typically won’t go away on its own. 


Your Finger Nails Have Changed

Changes in your fingernails can be a clear indicator that something is off balance. Healthy nails are meant to be smooth and pink in colour. From white spots, ridges, colour changes to shape, if your nails look suspect, your body is telling you to consider nutrition, immune status, circulation another health changes currently flying under the radar. 


You Have A Low Libido

If your sex drive is all but hanging on, take it as a sign that your body is likely off balance. It’s natural for libido to fluctuate throughout the month, but if it’s pretty much non-existent and has been for some time, it’s worthy of your time to consider looking at stress, hormones, emotional wellbeing or even cholesterol and high blood pressure as an underlying root cause.


The body is an amazing operating machine. It ticks harmoniously when it’s functioning well, but detects shortcomings when it isn’t. If you’re noticing these, or other subtle physical symptoms, know that your body knows best and is only calling for you because it needs to be tuned.