With the endless supply of information out there, the potential of mixed messages and confusion about what’s good for you and what’s not is all too real. Combine the overabundance of information with the ever evolving complexities and commitments in life, most people become even more confused about how to stay healthy while prioritizing time for themselves. If you’re interested in optimizing your health while keeping things simple, here are 5 ways to simplify your health.


Take The Leap 

Let’s be honest, for most of us, life is far from perfect. That being said, those who live with optimism, mindfulness and a zest for living are perfectly happy and content despite the imperfections life creates. In order to very quickly simplify your health, if you have a major aspect of life that just doesn’t jive with what you want (job, relationship, home etc.), then it’s up to you to make the change. Change isn’t always easy, especially if it involves a major aspect of your current life, however if what you want to change remains mostly unchanged, then the dissatisfaction, unhappiness and discontent associated with it will never change either. It may take a lot of planning, accommodation, struggle and stress throughout the transition, but let me tell you first hand, it’s worth the effort (I’ve made 3 massive life shifts over my lifetime). And when it comes to better health, both mental and emotional wellbeing all play a significant role.


Slow It Down

If you’re not unlike most, you too live under the ever-growing demands and requirements of life. I won’t even begin to list the commitments and complexities likely present in each of our lives, but I will say this: regardless of how much ‘external’ control our lives demand, the direction of each and every one of our lives are ultimately self chosen. So what if you absolutely can’t reduce you day to day appointments, commitments or schedules? Take time ‘amongst the storm’ to stop, slow down (if even for a moment), and take a deep breath. Medical science clearly shows that committing to as little as thirty seconds a few days per week to slow down, take time for yourself, or simply take a few deep breaths, will improve fundamental health parameters in so many ways (lower blood pressure, stress hormones, blood sugars, improved happiness, energy, and the list goes on). 



Sleep is a cornerstone to good health. No matter what you’re doing for yourself in terms of health, if you’re not sleeping well, your health will decline. Alternatively, committing to a consistent bed time routine and proper sleep, not only will make you feel significantly better, the impacts on your health will pay you back in dividends. Are you currently not sleeping well, or unsure how to improve your sleep routine? Seek out naturopathic care (Cornerstone Naturopathic Inc.) and guaranteed you’ll be back to a sound sleep routine in no time. 


Lower Your Expectations

We all have goals. Some loftier than others. But regardless of how or where you currently gauge your life success, science shows that being easier on yourself will repeatedly improve your health. Have you not yet obtained your dream job? Don’t have the house you’ve always wanted? Have yet to become fully enlightened about who you are or within your life? Regardless of where you are in life, never forget that it is a journey, good or bad, and in order to achieve your next step, you need to take and plant the previous one first. Never give up your hopes and dreams, however also recognize, be mindful of, and never take all that you currently have for granted.


Connect Life To Health And Health To Life 

This is a big one. Once you recognize that your life and your health are one in the same, the ease and consistency between the two become quickly evident. The meaning behind this statement matches the old adage “you are what you eat”. To add to this, “you are what you think, feel, and do”. If you think, feel, and do things that enhance your health, then you become healthier. It’s as simple as that. And if you think, feel, and do things in opposition to your health, then your health will suffer. So it’s not about life and health as two totally separate entities, it’s understanding and appreciating that every single thing you do in life (big and small) will either support your health or break it down. Nobody’s perfect, so when it comes down to it, it’s about the eloquent balance between health declining and health promoting choices.