The secret is out! When it comes to moving closer toward better health, the answer is actually plain and simple. And although health can seem quite complex at times, simplifying your focus and efforts into the most useful and efficient means, truly is the only way to do it. After decades of trying to pinpoint the simplicity of health into the most overarching approach providing the most bang for the buck, the answer has now become more clear than ever: “good stuff in, bad stuff out”.


Yes, I have completed a formal medical education. I’ve been treating patients daily for over a decade. I read medical journals. I follow best available evidence. I understand what I can about the body and how it works. I also understand and experience other key layers of human health (including mind and spirit), and still, when it comes down to it, ensuring that we are all nourishing ourselves (mind, body, spirit) as unique individuals (‘good stuff in’), while coupling consistent efforts in supporting exit points for what doesn’t belong (‘bad stuff out’), figuring out health doesn’t actually have to be that hard. In fact, this very concept can be applied and understood quite easily in a few, simple steps. 


But first, let’s define what “Good stuff in, bad stuff out” really means.


Good Stuff In


Essentially, this refers to ensuring just that; making sure you are ‘feeding’ yourself what it needs in order to promote better function, resilience, and recovery. Depending on what level of health is being referred to, nourishing oneself could include whole organic foods, healthy thoughts, and/or spiritual supportive practices; all the ‘stuff’ you need to bolster and support a better you. 


Bad Stuff Out


So if half of the equation is about providing the body (mind and spirit) what it needs, then logically the other half of the equation represents eliminating components of the self that hinder or obstruct the pathway to better health. Unfortunately, our world is inundated with toxicity (chemicals, toxic compounds, plastics, negative energy etc) and our minds and body’s tend to have a grand ability to absorb, sequester and store such buildups. Ensuring an effective, reliable and consistent ’emptying out’ process is constantly going on, only then can you confidently know you’ve found the missing piece of the puzzle. 


“Good Stuff In, Bad Stuff Out”, the simple concepts:


  • The health-disease spectrum can be attributed to two simple factors: deficient nourishment and/or toxic load

  • Identifying and addressing one or both will correct and encourage health toward a more homeostatic balance

  • Symptoms are simply an expression of chronic deficiency or toxic overload

  • If deficiency of ‘good stuff’ becomes present, the body (mind and/or spirit) will express illness or disease type symptoms

  • The same applies to a toxic load; toxicity will express symptoms that mimic what is referred to as illness or disease

  • Ensuring the body/mind/spirit is properly ‘nourished’ begins with the cornerstones of health, including clean, pure, wholesome water and food, proper rest/sleep, emotional wellness, community, and effective movement, to name a few. 

  • Ensuring the body/mind/spirit is properly ‘detoxified’ begins with the cornerstones of health (as per above) and with the addition of actively engaging in processes that encourage the elimination of what doesn’t belong (such as proper bowel function, sweating, regular access to sunshine, grounding, positive thought, and processing stress, to name a few).


There are a multitude of ways to begin ensuring you are providing what your health needs, while simultaneously emptying what doesn’t belong. As far as how and where to begin? Start with small single steps, and/or connect with someone who does. 


Dr Jeremy Hayman, ND helps patients at Cornerstone Naturopathic Inc. feel better, live better, and achieve optimal wellness and health. Years of patient care coupled with dedication to personal life balance has helped Dr Jeremy employ the adage that “your approach to health should be simple”.