Whole Person Individual Cancer Care

Whole person individual care is as critically important and valuable as the specific disease/illness focused treatment plan. Despite an individual being diagnosed with a specific disease, it is crucial to recognize that the majority of ones self is still ‘healthy’

This means in essence, that despite having ‘cancer’, where certain cell lines have become abhorrent or mutated, it is imperative to remember that this represents only a very small portion of our whole self, thus reminding us that most of our cells, organs, and physiological systems are still healthy and functioning well.

It is extremely important to remember that basic fundamentals to general health are still very necessary to support. These aspects of general health can include, but are not limited to, proper immune function, stress system support, thyroid health, endocrinological function, circadian rhythm, mental/emotional health, and energy.

Hence, it is necessary for a person with cancer to ensure best overall health is maintained and supported, which can ultimately improve the probabilities of creating an enhanced anti-cancer environment with the body, and ensuring one’s health is better utilized to reduce the chances of cancer developing or progressing, as well as ensuring ones overall health is less effected day to day from the cancer process itself.

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